Managed Services In Traditional IT versus the Cloud

If you have a small business, you might have heard words like ‘cloud computing’ and ‘managed services’.  Nonetheless, just like your competitors you are busy running your business and didn’t have the time to find out about each. This blog will help you to understand IT managed services Toronto and cloud computing so that you are able to decide which one is the best one for you.

What is Managed Service?

With managed services, the managed service provider takes care of the problem of an internal IT team usually handles. This job includes keeping the hardware running. It also makes sure that the software is use is up-to-date and applies patches. A specific server along with other essential components is provided to you. The IT managed services Toronto will take the responsibility of monitoring the network of your business 24/7. The managed service provider is going to manage the IT challenges and solve all the IT issues. This way you will be able to concentrate on other important aspects of your business

What is Cloud Computing?

The word cloud is a metaphor which is used in place of internet. Cloud computing is a phrase which is used for describing various kinds of situations where the business programs and data are stored and accessed over the internet instead of being stored in the computer hard drive.

There are mainly three kinds of cloud computing, private, public, and hybrid.

Private: The private cloud is known to be managed by the in-house IT team. This can be good alternative for businesses which wants control and access over the data. However, this always cost more than the public Cloud.

Public: When businesses use public Cloud, they get their cloud of their own within the infrastructure that they share with some other businesses. This is an affordable option. Here the cloud service provider is responsible for the maintenance and security of the system.

Hybrid: As the name suggests, hybrid cloud both the benefits of public and private floors. Some of the clouds are known to be managed by the IT professionals.

Advantages of the IT Managed Services Toronto

IT managed services Toronto offers a wide range of benefits like data backup and recovery, hosting the email server, system monitoring and management, offering important security audits, and patch management. Managed services enable small business owners who don’t have an IT staff to focus on the important aspects of management. The owner can be sure that the system is going to be managed properly. Managed service providers generally offer a flat rate and monthly fee pricing structure which varies according to the services that offered.

What Does Cloud Computing Offer?

Cloud computing offers a wide range of services. It depends on the user’s requirement. The common cloud service category is Software as a Service or SaaS. Since cloud computing stores data over the internet, the employees will be able to avail the data where the internet is available. The employees will be able to collaborate remotely and get the data from the devices that synced to the Cloud. This can help you to avoid the huge investment on the infrastructure.

IT managed services Toronto and Cloud computing offer small businesses an access to technology which help the organization to operate efficiently.

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